Why we created Suppleye

Suppleye is a free digital tool for procurement professionals that collates and curates the most relevant, trusted and thought-provoking news on suppliers, categories, and trends. It also provides sentiment analysis on some of the biggest suppliers to corporates in the UK, US and Europe.

So a new slant on supplier intelligence? An external perspective? Free to access? Yes all true, but why did the team create Suppleye?

Challenges facing the new procurement professional

Procurement is a job that is changing, and subjectively speaking, the job of a procurement professional is getting harder. Why? There are lots of reasons, but here are a few:

  • Redefining our value proposition has been on the agenda for a while now. Less talk about savings and process and more focus on the broader value we can deliver . This move “up the value curve” isn’t easy. We need to prove our worth, build new relationships and establish credibility and trust.
  • Global markets and supply chains are complex. Most organisations are trying to tackle internal and supply chain data, while external data, beyond financial and risk systems, still relies mostly on individual research. Bringing new thought and information into an organisation is getting harder, not easier.
  • They just have more to do. And have less time to do it. In the last year procurement, has been on the corporate agenda and several key priorities for 2021, such as cost, risk, speed, innovation and sustainability, all give procurement an opportunity to shine, but it also makes us much busier.

So, in summary we have an opportunity to shine, so shine we must. We have to be able to give strong insights and advice and act fast, or that trust, and the opportunity will be lost.

Now more than ever it’s important to be informed, the best-informed person that you can be, to advise your business on suppliers and markets.

But the solution to that can only be an army of humans, or, the right sources and software…

So why did we create Suppleye?

We created Suppleye because we wanted to have a quick and easy way to keep in touch with what is happening in markets. We wanted to be able to walk into every room, well informed beyond having internal data and being able to explain how a process works.

We don’t want to have to go away and do a market scan to come back a week later. We don’t want to have to spend precious time every day trawling through news, or relying on colleagues to collate reports. Why? Because there had to be a better way, combining software, sources and expertise.

We just want to be better informed, all of the time

As part of our journey, we surveyed 350 commercial professionals as part of ‘The Insights Challenge’ in collaboration with World Commerce and Contracting.  We found there were four key themes that emerged.

1. Contextual insights are important

The majority of professionals (97%) said that it is important to gather useful information about their suppliers, customers, prospects, and competitors. They also highlighted news about suppliers as a key gap; you know, innovation, sustainability, big changes, not just risk!

Commercial professionals today need to spark new ideas, engage in meaningful conversation with stakeholders and make smart business decisions.

That’s why Suppleye looks at real-time, curated news to help you stay on top of the latest goings-on with business partners, their competitors and their industries.

2. Saving you time

Feeling time-poor, not having access to information, or feeling overwhelmed by information to digest are all challenges we face when trying to access strong insights.

Over half of commercial professionals (52%) said that they find getting hold of useful information about their suppliers, customers, prospects, and competitors difficult.

Suppleye searches far and wide, so that you don’t have to, and feels just like having a team of analysts in the room with you.

3. Delivering a personalised perspective

We found that over six in ten (62%) find the sheer quantity of information they need to read when gathering insights extremely challenging, highlighting the need for tailored insights that are relevant to the suppliers and industries that you are working with.

Suppleye provides customised and curated content. Our algorithms are built to beat generic search and RSS. This, along with personalised dashboards and feeds means that you can keep an expert eye on the companies that interest you.

4. Get to know your suppliers – inside and out

The need for supplier transparency and market knowledge is more important than ever. But with all the focus on internal data, external or competitive perspectives are hard to come by!

What does the outside world really think about your supplier, or the one you might be about to start working with? Sentiment counts!

These are early days for Suppleye, and we’ve got lots in store. But a couple of key things guide us; knowing what is happening out there, outside of your company, with your suppliers and their peers is fast becoming the key to outperforming competitors. Bringing new, exciting perspectives into every meeting is also your ticket to redefining your personal value proposition.

Find out more by visiting the ‘Products & Plans’ section of our website. Or sign up FREE by clicking here.

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