We pledge to plant 1000 trees, and that’s just the start!

Here at Suppleye, giving something back is at the top of our agenda. In fact, that’s how we first came up with the idea to give Suppleye free to procurement professionals. We started with the principle “how do we make this free to the community of which we are a part of”, and it all grew from there.


But giving back goes further than free access to the platform, we dream bigger than that. We want growth, but we also want to do good, so we have decided to tie the two together. When we reach our first target of 1000 active users we are going to plant 1000 trees.

And after that, who knows? I suspect we will do the same again for the next 1000, let’s not run before we are walking. But long term, we are looking for ideas to pin our success to the causes that we all care about.

So if you want to play your part, and you are new to Suppleye, come and have a look around here. If you know us well, then recommend Suppleye to someone that you think might find it useful, and when they sign up we will be 1 closer to our first target.

Of course, you might tell us that you would rather we spent our money giving you Eyeler merchandise (it is rather cute), but we thought we would start here…. And if it really takes off, we might do that too 🙂

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