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Our story.

Have you ever been in a meeting and felt that you had nothing to say? We have, and it feels uncomfortable, right? Worse still, we’ve all been in meetings where a supplier knows much more about us than we do about them. It’s easy to get side-lined as the “process person”, rather than “the person who knows stuff about the market”.

It’s not uncommon. Time pressures, work demands and life in general often means you just don’t have time to do the research and preparation that you need to always be at the top of your game.

There is just too much to know and too many places to look to know it!

Suppleye changes all of that. It’s the result of a challenge that we set ourselves to make you ‘the most informed person in the room.'

Most of us are good at knowing what’s happening inside of our organisation. But when it comes to market updates, we settle for what we are told by a supplier. That doesn’t feel right, does it? But it’s hard to take control when you are super busy.

We bet you wish someone would do it for you….  Well, Suppleye tells you what’s happening outside. That means real-time news, sentiment and market opinion, but curated specifically for business professionals.

Like your own super, secret researcher, working just for you!

Could you work faster, or smarter?

What suppliers won’t tell you.

In short, it’s the stuff you don’t learn from an RFP, is not in monthly reports, and not the kind of thing you find on traditional risk platforms. And certainly not what you get told by suppliers; things that are happening around the world with your suppliers, and their competitors like innovation, failures, M&A, operational changes and more.

Oh and we also measure and track business reputations. So you’ll also know what the outside world thinks!

What does this type of information do? It sparks conversations, changes opinions, triggers light bulb moments, and fuels decision making by giving you perspective as to what is actually going on in your business world.

And it makes you dynamite in those meetings!

We make information
easy to digest.

If that sounds like a lot of information to wade through, it’s not. The real beauty of Suppleye is that you get the information you want curated in a way that suits you.

Want a dedicated dashboard on one company only? No problem. Need to see at a glance what the competition is up to? Here we go. Want alerts and notifications by email? On its way.

Because we search wider, deeper, and further, you’re much more informed than your in-house bulletin or daily read. Yes, there is AI and ML, yes there is a curation team, but what you really need to know is - we do the edit, you take the credit.

You can’t put a price on knowledge.

Of course, the $64,000 question is, how much does it cost to be a user? And it’s not $64,000. The answer is: nothing. Standard access to Suppleye is Free. And as a user, there is loads of great content on suppliers and categories that you can access. Of course, if you want more or something just for you, you can look forward to Suppleye Pro and Suppleye Teams coming soon!

The more people who join, the richer in knowledge we all become. The more suppliers who support us, the smarter we get. Together, we can create a community of knowledge and help each other to become ‘the best-informed people in the room.'

Set yourself apart

Know your suppliers inside and out. You’re good to go in less than a minute.

How good does that sound?
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