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Fresh insights, breaking curated news and unique sentiment scores.
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We give you company insights, curated just for you - so you’re always well-informed.

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You get different perspectives from outside of your business and the usual sources.

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We look in thousands of places 24/7 to find the things you need to know and tell you first.

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You’ll always be the
best-informed person
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Set yourself

Know your suppliers inside and out.
You’re good to go in less than a minute.

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What is it about Suppleye that makes us different?

There are lots of search engines and lots of news feeds but they’re all quite general, and not really built just for you. There are lots of useful tools focused on internal supplier data, and risk data. But they only give you part of the picture, and again, they’re not built just for you.
Suppleye is there to make you better, telling you what’s actually happening out there, outside of your company, with your suppliers and their peers. Suppleye isn’t just about telling you when there a risk flag gone up. It’s about giving you insight superpowers!

Do you want to know the key events and news about your business partners and their competitors? Of course, you do! We’re doing it for you, searching far and wide and curating the must-know information.
Reputations matter! Do you want to find out what others think, and see how a company is trending in the outside world before you make those important decisions? Then check out our Live Score!
Whether you want to research an individual supplier, look into a competitor, keep up with a sector, compare reputational scores, or set up alerts and news summaries. You can do it all easily with Suppleye.

Imagine having your own super smart research analyst


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  • 3000 (and counting) free suppliers
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  • Sentiment tracking and trending
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Coming soon

Now you know
your suppliers
inside and out!

Set yourself apart

Know your suppliers inside and out. You’re good to go in less than a minute.

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